Three easy ways to access legal information and services

For many of us, the thought of dealing with the legal system, even on a routine matter, is enough to cause stress and fear. It’s easy to understand why: the institutions are intimidating, and the legal process can be full of confusing rules and obscure technical terms.

The Government of Alberta recognizes this problem, and has had a longstanding commitment to providing Albertans with access to the legal information and the resolution services they need, when they need them.

There are three ways you can access this information: call, click, or come in.

You can phone the Resolution and Court Administration Contact Centre at 1-855-738-4747 from anywhere in the province to listen to pre-recorded information on such topics as court locations, jury duty and courtroom hours, or speak to advisors about details more specific to your case.

The Resolution and Court Administration Services website, part of the rights, justice and the law section on, also contains useful information about a variety of legal topics, including step-by-step instructions for finding legal representation, appealing decisions, setting up guardianships, initiating divorce proceedings and filing restraining orders. All of the content on the site has been written with an eye towards using plain language that requires no specialized familiarity with the law in order to be understood. The site also provides links to download any necessary forms.

Come In
For those living in the Capital Region, the Resolution Support Centre in Edmonton’s John E. Brownlee Building (8th floor, 10365-97 Street) offers a single, in-person point of contact for accessing a range of legal and resolution services, including mediation programs and other dispute resolution services that can provide an increasingly popular and lest costly alternative to the expensive courtroom process. Information on how to access Resolution Services in other locations throughout the province is available online. In 2016 alone, a total of 5,260 mediations were conducted through the Government of Alberta’s civil, family and child support mediation and dispute resolution programs. The Support Centre also features self-service kiosks that help users access and fill out court forms and documents.

Whether you reach us by phone, on-line or in person, on a laptop, a tablet or a cellphone, our goal is to assist you with clear, readable, relevant legal information.


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One Response to Three easy ways to access legal information and services

  1. Barbara Roach says:

    There are other Resolution Support Centres in Alberta. In case you dont know where, they are located in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie.

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