Statement from Minister of Justice and Solicitor General on RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan’s retirement

marrianne-ryanl-4x6With the announcement of RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan’s pending retirement on March 3, I would like to thank her, on behalf of all Albertans, for her service.

The RCMP has a long and proud history as Alberta’s provincial police service, and it is a crucial partner in keeping Albertans safe.

During her three years as commander of K Division, D/Commr. Ryan has upheld the RCMP’s legacy of excellence in Alberta, while shaping it into a modern, progressive and diverse organization. In 2016, D/Commr. Ryan presided over a historic milestone when she raised the Pride flag at K Division headquarters in Edmonton for the first time. Under her command, the RCMP also played a key role in ensuring tens of thousands of people escaped the wildfire that devastated Fort McMurray in May 2016 and oversaw their orderly return when recovery efforts began. In her tenure as president of the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police, D/Commr. Ryan provided a strong link between Alberta Justice and Solicitor General and the province’s law enforcement agencies, furthering our shared mission to serve and protect Albertans.

Before she was appointed commanding officer, D/Commr. Ryan was K Division’s Criminal Operations Officer, a role in which she held the primary responsibility for all operational policing under the RCMP’s jurisdiction in Alberta, ranging from federal functions such as drug enforcement and national security, to major crime investigations and local policing at the detachment level.

In her 35 years with the RCMP, many Canadians outside of Alberta also benefited from D/Commr. Ryan’s commitment to strengthening the foundation of trust, respect and compassion in communities served by the RCMP. In total, she served in three provinces and spent several years leading units responsible for investigating organized crime and gang activity.

I have greatly appreciated the open and accessible relationship I have developed with D/Commr. Ryan during our time working together. I congratulate D/Commr. Ryan on an exemplary career in which she led by example, including her leadership as a woman rising through the policing ranks, and I wish her all the best in her retirement.

Kathleen Ganley
Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

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One Response to Statement from Minister of Justice and Solicitor General on RCMP Deputy Commissioner Marianne Ryan’s retirement

  1. says:

    Thank you D/Comm Ryan, for your support of ASIRT through the years, and your leadership in the RCMP. Your compassion for your people and the community shows in everything you do. Know that you will be missed and we wish you a fantastic retirement.

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