Transport Officers focus on bus safety

With the start of another school year comes the start of another school bus safety initiative from Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch. This month and into the next, they are helping to ensure school buses are safe and ready to transport children.


Officers are inspecting hundreds of school buses at locations across the province. They are examining all safety essentials, including steering, brakes, seats, exhaust systems, emergency exits, tires and lighting. Of course, children’s safety is important all year long, so these inspections are also conducted at regular intervals throughout the year.


School buses are required to have a mandatory government Commercial Vehicle Program Inspection (CVIP) every six months. When a part is found to not be working properly, officers will let the driver know and work with them to get the problem fixed.


Other drivers can also help make this a safe start to the school year by driving carefully through residential areas and following speed limits in school zones and areas with playgrounds. When a school bus turns on its alternating flashing red lights, be sure to stop so that kids can exit the bus and cross the road safely. Failing to stop when a school bus is showing its flashing red lights is a $543 fine and six demerit points. When a bus is showing amber flashing lights, motorists are required to reduce their speed to 60 kilometres per hour when passing.


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