Alberta Sheriffs keep highways safe this May long weekend

Expect an increased volume of vehicles on Alberta Highways this May long weekend

The Alberta Sheriffs remind motorists to plan ahead, taking into consideration the increased volume of vehicles. All drivers need to pay attention when you’re behind the wheel, don’t speed, buckle up, drive according to weather conditions, and if alcohol is consumed, don’t drink and drive.

“Alberta Traffic Sheriffs are working with RCMP and other law enforcement agencies throughout the province to ensure motorists get to their destinations safely. The overall goal is to support drivers to make safe decisions, and in turn minimize the number of serious collisions that tend to occur on holiday long weekends.”

~ Rick Gardner, Superintendent, Alberta Sheriffs Traffic Operations

imagepng_2_3Fatal and serious injury collisions are more frequent on holiday long weekends. Contributing factors include increased traffic volume, a greater variety of vehicles (RVs, trailers, large trucks and passenger vehicles), drivers traveling on unfamiliar highways, fatigue, distraction, and impaired driving. Expect increased traffic volume – realize that it could take longer to get to your destination – and drive accordingly by:

  • Going slower – Traveling even a few km/hr over the speed limit increases the distance needed to stop, and adds to the severity of injuries if in a collision. Keep to the speed limit and remain a safe distance (two or even three seconds, preferably more) behind the vehicle in front.
  • Distracted driving is another contributing factor in many fatal collisions. Keep items like cell phones, tablets, and DVD players out of the reach and view of the driver. If using GPS on unfamiliar roadways, GPS devices must programmed prior to travelling to destination.
  • Drivers are also reminded to plan ahead and arrange for alternative transportation if they consume alcohol.
  • Seat belts and child safety seats are the most cost effective life-saving device currently available to reduce motor vehicle injuries. Drivers need to ensure that everyone buckles up.

Sheriffs want all Albertans to have a safe and enjoyable May long weekend.

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