Scholarships for graduate students available

ahrccLogoAre you pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate in studies related to human rights, cultural diversity and multiculturalism, or do you know someone who is? The Alberta Human Rights Commission, in conjunction with Student Aid Alberta, offers two annual scholarships, and this year’s deadline, February 1, is approaching.

The Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism is worth $10,000 at the master’s level and $15,000 at the doctoral level. The awards are available to graduate students in any faculty as long as they are pursuing studies that explore and support human rights, cultural diversity or multicultural questions in Canada. These graduate studies will create value for Albertans by promoting informed thinking and building capacity to undertake human rights or multicultural work.

The Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund made this award possible through an endowment established through Alberta Scholarships. The master’s level scholarship, also known as the Pardeep Singh Gundara Memorial Scholarship, is supported in part through private donations.

Last year’s grant recipients are both students at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work. Christa Sato is examining the pathways that enable underrepresented learners within an identified cohort to successfully complete university. Her master’s research will focus on second-generation immigrant university students in Alberta. Ultimately, this study will help improve understanding that supports removal of barriers that limit participation and completion in advanced learning.

Sherri Tanchak’s doctoral research will focus on the recovery experiences of social workers who have endured workplace bullying. Her study will include an exploration of how societal beliefs about gender have influenced the onset and maintenance of workplace bullying in human service organizations. The findings will inform clinical interventions, social work professional policies and social work education and training.

Here’s info from the Alberta Human Rights Commission’s website:

The application can be downloaded from the Student Aid Alberta website at

If you require further information, please contact the Student Aid Alberta Service Centre at 1-855-606-2096.

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