Stay safe this August long weekend

Summer long weekends are popular times for outdoor recreation and our highways are full of people trying to get to their favourite spots.

At this busy time of year, it’s especially important people respect our resources, the rules of the road and one another. Our enforcement officers help ensure everyone understands and follows the rules and regulations.

Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife officers work with the public to ensure fish and wildlife legislation is understood and followed and to prevent conflicts with wildlife. In the course of their duties, they also help enforce the Public Lands Act and Regulations.

Conservation officers safeguard people visiting provincial parks and protect the flora and fauna. Together with Parks Service Rangers, they help ensure public lands are used responsibly.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers enhance public safety on our roadways by ensuring commercial vehicles and their drivers meet Alberta’s high safety standards. And since highways are especially busy on long weekends, we’re encouraging all drivers to be safe around big trucks. Stay out of blind spots. Don’t tailgate, and remember that passing a commercial vehicle requires more time and space than passing a regular vehicle.

Traffic Sheriffs and RCMP will continue to be diligent in patrolling the highways for speeders and other unsafe drivers. Together, all these officers will be working across the province to inform the public about safe recreation practices and to stop those who choose to be a problem.

IMG_8939While it’s important to enjoy the nice weather and discover what Alberta has to offer, we will all be able to get the most out of this long weekend if everyone stays safe and acts responsibly.

Thank you and have a great long weekend.

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