Integrated policing helps make our highways safer

Keeping our highways safe for all Albertans is a vital part of the provincial policing mandate. This means ensuring motorists understand and follow the legislation in place to prevent collisions and save lives.

When driving on a provincial highway, you may have seen both RCMP officers and Alberta Sheriffs on patrol. In fact, RCMP Traffic Services and Sheriff Traffic Operations have been working together in Integrated Traffic Units (ITUs) across the province since 2010.

They patrol all roads and highways outside of municipal boundaries, and they also join forces for things like checkstops.

This partnership has helped coordinate efforts to ensure Albertans receive the best traffic service in the most efficient and effective manner. The end result has been a reduction in collisions and an increase in good driving practices.

This year to date, Sheriffs and RCMP have a combined total of over 100,000 enforcement actions. But they don’t just write tickets. They also aim to talk to people and help them see the dangers of things like speeding, not making proper use of your seatbelt, impaired driving and distracted driving.

Ultimately, the main goal of officers in Integrated Traffic Units is nothing more and nothing less than to positively impact the safety of those travelling Alberta’s highways.

ITU Priorities

Integrated Traffic Units focus on four priority issues: impaired driving, occupant restraints, speeding and distracted driving. Impaired driving is one of the leading criminal causes of death in Alberta. If you’re going to drink, plan ahead and find a way to get home that doesn’t involve driving. There are alternatives.

Seat belts and child safety seats are the single most cost effective life-saving device currently available to reduce death and injury from motor vehicle collisions. In fact, using them properly can lessen your risk of death or injury by a third. The faster you drive, the longer it takes to stop and the more severe any collision will be.

Lastly, when you’re in your vehicle, your primary focus should be on driving. You are sharing the road with other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. One second could make the difference between life and death or perfect health and serious injury. If you’re putting on make-up, texting or playing on your laptop, you aren’t paying full attention to where you’re going. After all, 90 per cent of all collisions are due to driver error, so safe driver behavior is crucial.

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