Celebrating the long weekend safely

Main-Use-HighResWe are truly fortunate to live in a province with so much to offer in the way of outdoor recreation. Over the upcoming long weekend, Albertans and visitors alike will be making the most of our diverse landscape. They will be fishing in our many lakes, rivers and streams, taking off-highway vehicles out for a spin and camping in provincial parks or on public land. There will also be a lot of people driving on Alberta’s highways.

The May long weekend is one of the busiest weekends for outdoor recreation, and the Government of Alberta’s law enforcement agencies and the RCMP will be patrolling our roadways, water bodies, parks and public land to help make the weekend safer for everyone.

While most Albertans are conscientious drivers and responsible users of public land, those who participate in irresponsible or destructive behavior will be held accountable. We encourage all Albertans and visitors to responsibly enjoy the province’s outdoor spaces and recreation amenities, and to be familiar with the expectations and rules associated with their favorite outdoor activities.

Make your weekend in Alberta more enjoyable (A message from Fish and Wildlife Officers)

Information Bulletin
Enforcement increased on eastern slopes public lands starting this May long

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