Help officers keep you safe on Alberta’s highways

IMG_6004Recently, an Alberta Traffic Sheriff and an RCMP member of the Capital West Integrated Traffic Unit (ITU) were patrolling a busy stretch of highway 16. The officers conducted a traffic stop when a driver was caught doing well over the speed limit. Once the driver was pulled over safely to the right of the highway, the RCMP member returned to patrolling and the sheriff proceeded with the traffic stop, handing the driver a ticket for speeding and a reminder to slow down.

The sheriff returned to his patrol car and waited for the driver to carry on to his destination safely. But this driver wasn’t going anywhere. Instead, he got out of his vehicle and walked onto the busy highway so he could ask the sheriff a question. Afraid the driver would get hit by a passing vehicle, the sheriff immediately directed the driver to the area over by the passenger’s side of the patrol car. Sure enough, just minutes into their conversation, a truck travelling in the right lane flew by them at a dangerously high rate of speed.

The traffic sheriff was able to locate and pull over the driver of the speeding truck. As he conducted the traffic stop, he informed the driver of the truck as to why a ticket was being issued. Passing an emergency vehicle unlawfully…The driver responded: “I didn’t know there was a law.”

This law in Alberta is an essential one for keeping law enforcement officers safe on the roads:

Under the Alberta Traffic Safety Act motorists must slow to 60 kilometres per hour or less if the posted speed is lower, when passing emergency vehicles or tow trucks stopped with their lights flashing. Fines for speeding in these areas are double the regular amount.

Sadly, scenarios like the one above are what ITU members face every day. They are all too familiar with drivers who don’t slow down or move over when emergency lights are flashing.

Alberta’s Integrated Traffic Units patrol the roads, making sure people stay as safe as possible. The really do risk their lives each day keeping us safe on Alberta’s highways. Let’s thank them by slowing down and moving over when you see them stopped on the road with their lights flashing.

Please give the RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs on ITUs room to work and allow them to do their job safely.

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2 Responses to Help officers keep you safe on Alberta’s highways

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  2. Also don’t forget about the Community Peace Officers all throughout the province that are doing the same thing as the Sherriffs and RCMP, by conducting traffic stops. They face the same dangers but seem to forgotten. So Thank you to ALL law enforcement risking their lives to make our roads safer.

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