Government officers team up for checkstops

Sheriffs, RCMP, Fish and Wildlife Officers and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers gear up for checkstop season

December is checkstop season, and municipal law enforcement aren’t the only officers involved—Alberta Justice and Solicitor General has a variety of specialized enforcement officers that also take part in some checkstops. While RCMP and Traffic Sheriffs work together to get drunk drivers off the road, Fish and Wildlife Officers are there mainly to talk with any hunters or ice-fishers who are stopped and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers deal with any big rigs.

IMG_4738In fact, our officers got a bit of an early start to the season by taking part in several checkstops across Alberta on the last day of many big game hunting seasons. Fish and Wildlife Officers organized several checkstops across Alberta on November 30 and were joined by Sheriffs, RCMP and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers.

That day, Fish and Wildlife Officers found a number of offences such as hunting without a licence, failing to properly tag deer and having a loaded firearm in a vehicle. RCMP and Traffic Sheriffs also worked together to get impaired drivers off the road. Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers issued a small number of tickets for brake defects and dangerous goods.

IMG_4703It was a very cold and blustery day, but officers were able to check more than 1,000 vehicles. While most big game hunting seasons are now over, there will certainly be an increase in checkstops looking for impaired drivers throughout the holiday season. Our officers will continue to work together and learn from each other while helping keep our roads and communities safe.


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