Log-haul trucks get a check-up

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers complete enforcement blitz

Each fall and winter if you are travelling on highways, particularly in northern Alberta, you are likely to see semi-trucks hauling logs to be processed and turned into wood and paper products. However, too much weight can strain a vehicle’s axels and tires and even the pavement the vehicle drives on. That’s why Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers inspect these trucks to help make sure they’re safe for the road.

IMG_20141119_095629On November 18, 19 & 20, 2014 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers conducted inspections on log trucks in the Edson and Hinton areas. At chosen inspection sites, log haul trucks were flagged down and examined. Commercial vehicle enforcement officers used specialized scales to make sure trucks weren’t hauling too much weight and checked everything from brakes and exhaust systems to headlights and turn signals. They also looked at whether loads were properly secured and whether drivers were properly licensed and able to drive safely.

Officers issued 25 tickets under the Traffic Safety Act and 23 log trucks were pulled out of service so that needed repairs could be completed on-site or towed to a repair facility. Log trucks were pulled out of service for violations such as loads not being properly secured, flat tires and brake system violations including brakes being out of adjustment.

The operation was important because the Hinton and Edson areas supply a great deal of lumber, and in turn, commercial vehicle traffic is high.

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One Response to Log-haul trucks get a check-up

  1. Dale Dunlop says:

    Some logging trucks in Edson area are running extremely bright headlights, which make it very hard to see when meeting them at night on highway 47, also have been known to be over center line when meeting crew buses to the mine. One of our buses was run into a guardrail by one.

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