Co-Parenting with a Difficult Former Partner

Family Justice Services team supports parents and children in Alberta

This is the third in our series of blogs explaining how our family justice services team helps support parents and children in Alberta. The team offers a wide range of programs that help families deal with the separation process. This week, we are taking a closer look at co-parenting with a difficult former partner.

Just because you leave a relationship, that does not mean you don’t ever have to deal with that person again. When you have children with a partner or spouse, it will be necessary to maintain a relationship with that person, for the sake of the children.

This can be very difficult to do if your relationship has been high conflict or if you find it difficult to communicate with that person.

Alberta’s Resolution Services has two programs that can help you find new and better ways to deal with your former partner.

In a previous blog post, we talked about the Parenting After Separation course, which should be taken by all separating parents. But, if you have a high conflict relationship, you can also take the Parenting After Separation for High Conflict Families course. This three-hour course is offered in Edmonton and Calgary, and will teach you ways to arrange for each of you to parent your children, and how to interact with each other in ways that will not lead to conflict.

Another program offered in several locations in the province is the Focus on Communication in Separation (or FOCIS) course. This is a six-hour interactive course that will teach you effective communication strategies for challenging conversations.

If your children have been exposed to high conflict or violence, there are steps you can take to minimize any harm to them. See the information and advice offered at the Alberta Family Justice Learning Centre and the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative.

For more information on these programs, contact Family Justice Services:

Calgary                                 403-297-6981

Camrose                              780-679-1777

Edmonton                           780-427-8343

Fort McMurray                   780-743-7380

Grande Prairie                   780-833-4200

High Prairie                         780-523-6173

Hinton                                 780-865-8384

Lethbridge                          403-388-3102

Medicine Hat                     403-529-8715

Red Deer                             403-340-7187

Vermillion                           780-853-8120

Wetaskiwin                        780-361-1308

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