Alberta shines at road safety championship

Commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) officer places third, is top Canadian

Forty nine roadside inspectors from across North America gathered in Pittsburgh, PA, on August 11-15, to compete in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) North American Inspectors Championship (NAIC).

Each year, CVSA recognizes the best of the best by inviting inspectors from across North America to participate in NAIC. It is the only event dedicated to recognizing and rewarding commercial vehicle inspector excellence.

2014 NAIC Contestants

Alberta’s commercial vehicle enforcement branch (link) continues to be very successful at this event—which is something for us to be very proud of. It is a direct reflection of the quality and dedication of our officers and the effort they put into keeping their skills sharp.

NAIC Patch Exchange Winner Rick SmithThis year, Alberta’s CVE officer Rick Smith won the High Points Canada award and took third place in the North American Standard Level V Passenger Vehicle (Motorcoach) Inspection event. Rick also placed third overall, coming very close to reaching the highest honour for roadside inspectors.

“During the championships I was able to connect, interact, and discuss issues and polices with members from many other jurisdictions from across North America,” said Smith. “I found this event very valuable for my career and I am proud to work for an agency which sees the value of sending representatives to this competition.”

Roadside inspectors are highly trained professionals who save lives every day by keeping unsafe commercial vehicles and drivers off our roads. The work of a commercial vehicle inspector is not easy, but it is vital in ensuring safety on North American roadways.

The NAIC tests and sharpens these officers’ skills, informing them about the latest CMV safety trends, technologies, standards and inspection procedures. As a result, the competition helps strengthen the industry as a whole, promotes partnerships and cooperation among inspectors, jurisdictions and countries, and improves uniformity and consistency in enforcement throughout North America.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s event, including our very own Rick Smith. Thanks, Rick, for doing such a great job!

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One Response to Alberta shines at road safety championship

  1. Amy NIerenhausen says:

    You made Canada proud! Way to go!

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