Preventing things from going wrong this August long

Officers help Albertans stay safe this summer

There’s nothing better than a long weekend during an Alberta summer. It’s a great time to get outside, head to a lake or park and, hopefully, enjoy an extra day of sunshine.

This long weekend, people will be fishing in our lakes and rivers, taking off-highway vehicles out for a spin and camping in provincial parks or on public land. With everyone travelling to their different destinations, our roads and highways will be very busy.

We want to see everyone who heads out to enjoy the long weekend make it home safely. So have fun, but be smart. Long weekends too often result in tragedies that could be prevented. To help stop tragedies from happening, we are taking action.

Long Weekend Blog Jul 14Our enforcement officers will spend the weekend helping everyone enjoy their time off safely.

For example, our fish and wildlife officers work with the public to help ensure laws protecting fish and wildlife are understood and followed. Meanwhile, commercial vehicle enforcement officers inspect semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles to see that they meet Alberta’s high safety standards. Conservation officers safeguard people visiting provincial parks, and protect the lakes, flora and fauna. And there will be more officers from the province’s integrated traffic units (made up of Alberta sheriffs and the RCMP) out on the roads making sure people drive safe and follow the rules of the road.

Together, all these officers will be working across Alberta to inform the public about safe recreation practices. It’s important to celebrate summer and discover what our province has to offer, but we are serious about keeping Albertans and visitors safe as well as protecting our parks and our fish and wildlife.

To get the most out of this long weekend, have fun—just do it safely and responsibly. Have a great long weekend!

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