Greater access to justice in civil claims

Small claims limit doubles to help Albertans involved in legal disputes

The Alberta government is partnering with the Provincial Court of Alberta to introduce reforms to the civil claims process. As of August 1, 2014, the civil claims limit in the Provincial Court is increasing from $25,000 to $50,000.

The increase means Albertans will have greater access to the Provincial Court and will ensure more timely and cost-effective resolution of civil claims using a more simplified and user-friendly process.

To further help Albertans going through the civil claims process, a Provincial Court pilot project is beginning in the fall both in Edmonton and Calgary.

Judge Gordon Sharek & Assistant Chief Judge Diane Young announce increase in civil claims limit

Judge Gordon Sharek & Assistant Chief Judge Diane Young announce increase in civil claims limit

The project will direct civil claims disputes into appropriate “resolution tracks”. This ensures Court services are available for matters that need them, while more straight-forward civil matters can be resolved quickly and effectively. The changes will simplify processes for Albertans by providing alternatives for dispute resolution and for resolving less complex civil claims.

“A fair and accessible justice system is a priority and increasing the civil claims limit, simplifying processes for resolving claims, and providing more options for dispute resolution will improve Albertans’ access to justice,” said Jonathan Denis, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

All Albertans have a right to fair and accessible court services, and these improvements in the civil claims system will ensure that these demands are met, and provide support for the increasing number of self-represented litigants in the justice system.

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