Support for Alberta restorative justice organizations

Helping victims of crime by directly holding offenders to account

Victims of crime in Alberta will continue to have the option of restorative justice services to help them recover.

Restorative justice gives victims of crime the chance to meet with offenders to explain how they were affected by the crime, while allowing offenders to take responsibility and try to repair the damage they caused.

“Restorative justice helps victims heal by bringing a sense of closure and holding offenders responsible for their actions by understanding how they hurt others,” said Jonathan Denis, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General. “Restorative justice shares our goal of reducing crime and making our communities safer.” Minister Denis at the announcement

Thirteen organizations in Alberta are sharing $360,000 in grants through the Alberta Community Restorative Justice Grant program this year. The funding can be used in several ways, including recruitment and training of volunteers, paying staff wages or raising awareness of the program for the benefit of victims of crime.

“We are thankful to receive this grant from the Alberta Government. Restorative justice has been embedded in Calgary John Howard Society’s guiding principles since the 1980s,” said Gord Sand, executive director of the Calgary John Howard Society. “This grant will support our Restorative Action For Transformation (RAFT) collaborative that works with young offenders to restore relationships and strengthen communities.”

Participating in a restorative justice program is voluntary and it provides an alternative or supplement to any sentence.


Minister Denis at the announcement

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