Commercial carrier bears the weight of heavy fine

Company fined for overweight vehicle

A company that transports oilfield equipment has been fined a total of $85,440 for hauling an oversized and overweight load on Highway 63. Oilsands Expediting Ltd. appeared in provincial court in Fort McMurray on May 2, 2014, and pleaded guilty to operating an oversized, unsafe and overweight vehicle on a highway and failing to comply with directions given by a peace officer.

Acting on a complaint of an overloaded vehicle travelling north on Highway 63, a Fort McMurray commercial vehicle enforcement officer intercepted the commercial vehicle near the Hanging Stone Bridge. It was transporting a large rock truck from Red Deer to Fort McMurray.

The vehicle was escorted to the Mobile Vehicle Inspection Station at the Junction of Highway 63 and 881 where it was found to be severely overloaded, and Oilsands Expediting Ltd. of Fort McMurray was subsequently charged.

Vehicles hauling loads that exceed weight limits cause severe damage to the highway itself, which can cost millions of dollars to repair. Exceeding the legal weight capacity can also affect proper handling and braking, which poses a threat to other highway users.

The truck the commercial vehicle was carrying.

The truck the commercial vehicle was carrying.

Alberta’s commercial vehicle enforcement officers use specialized scales to make sure trucks aren’t hauling too much weight, and check everything from brakes and exhaust systems to headlights and turn signals. They also look at whether loads are properly secured, and whether drivers are properly licensed and fit to continue to drive safely.

Officers patrol highways looking for unsafe commercial vehicles and work at vehicle inspection stations across the province. Commercial vehicles driving past these stations are brought in for a checkup, and when a vehicle or driver fails an inspection, they are taken off the road until the problem is solved. The carrier may also be fined.

Ultimately, commercial vehicle enforcement officers help save lives by reducing accidents, and in turn, they help ensure the supplies, resources and goods transported on our highways make it to their destinations.

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