Enforcement ramping up for May long weekend

Officers working together to keep Albertans safe and protect the land

The May long weekend is approaching fast once again, and for many Albertans this is an excellent time to get out and enjoy the many amazing things our beautiful province offers.

It also means the Alberta Government will be increasing law enforcement to help keep people safe over the long weekend. Alberta’s sheriffs, RCMP, fish and wildlife officers, conservation officers, and commercial vehicle enforcement officers will be working together to enforce the law and protect Albertans and our roadways, parks, and lakes.

Alberta’s fish and wildlife officers work with the public to ensure fish and wildlife legislation is understood and followed, and to prevent conflicts with wildlife. And in the course of these duties, they also help enforce the Public Lands Act.

Commercial vehicle enforcement officers enhance road safety by ensuring commercial vehicles meet Alberta’s high safety standards. And over the long weekend, they will also be checking recreational and off-highway vehicles.

Conservation officers will safeguard people visiting provincial parks and protect the flora and fauna. Together with parks service rangers, they will also assist Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development’s public lands officers with enforcement on public lands to make sure they are used responsibly this long weekend.

Traffic sheriffs will continue to patrol the highways for speeders and other unsafe drivers. And as our provincial police service, the RCMP upholds our laws, protects our families and keeps our communities safe and secure.

It’s important to get out and enjoy the spring sunshine, and equally important to return home safe by protecting ourselves and our environment.

Have a fun and safe long weekend!

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