Be a spring breaker, not a lawbreaker

Don’t take a spring break from common sense

Spring break is a time to relax, let loose and enjoy yourself, but safety concerns are a reality no matter where you decide to go – indoors or in Alberta’s beautiful outdoors. So make this year’s spring break memorable by staying safe while having a blast.

At Justice and Solicitor General (JSG), one of our main goals is to help ensure Albertans can live, work and raise families in safe and secure communities. To help Albertans do this, law enforcement officers and their police partners will be working hard across Alberta, as they do every week, to ensure young people have a safe getaway while also following the rules. Some of the things officers will be looking out for include texting and driving, underage drinking, drinking in public places, and impaired driving.

“Alberta Law Days is coming up soon, that will give Albertans an inside look at how our court system works,” said Insp. Lance Cranna of the Alberta Sheriffs. “We don’t want to see you in court before then, so please take care and be responsible this spring break.”

Here are some tips for young people who will be out and about this spring break:

  • Don’t drink and drive: any new driver who consumes alcohol risks a 30-day licence suspension and a seven-day vehicle seizure
  • Don’t check Facebook while driving: This can land you a $172 fine or worse, like a serious or fatal collision
  • Don’t take chances with illegal drugs
  • Don’t drink in a public place
  • Don’t forget to wear a seatbelt: the fine for not wearing a one is $115
  • Don’t forget to wear the appropriate safety gear when participating in motorsports

It can also be a busy time of the year for the Alberta’s Crown prosecutors, who deal with many cases around spring break time.

“There continue to be many impaired driving cases every year,” said Alberta Crown Prosecutor Christian Lim. “It’s important that people understand the laws and know their limits. If you plan on drinking during the break, then please be safe.” And for young drivers and especially those with a graduated drivers license, they should remember that one of the conditions of their license is that they have a zero blood alcohol level.

So whether you chose to go to visit majestic peaks in the Rockies, or head to a log cabin beside one of Alberta’s beautiful lakes, please be a spring breaker, and not a lawbreaker. Stay safe, and have fun!

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