Transport Officers help out in High River

Twenty-six Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers from the Red Deer, Lethbridge and High River areas recently went to High River to help with the clean-up and recovery efforts. As with other workers and volunteers supporting the community, they responded to the call on short notice and spent the weekend of July 6 working with truck drivers.


The officers were there to help drivers know which locations were designated as safe for dumping waste, and to help ensure large loads—such as those removing flood debris—were secured to ensure the safety of residents, volunteers, workers and motorists. As part of the goodwill spirit to help out High River residents, the officers helped truck drivers know where to dump their loads and how to get there safely.


During a cleanup operation of this size, truck drivers might not immediately know which places have been designated as safe for dumping waste and which have not. This can especially be true for truck drivers who are volunteering. Knowing this, and not wanting to get in the way of these emergency cleanup efforts, the officers did not issue any tickets. Instead, they helped drivers figure out where to dispose of their loads without harming the environment, and helped secure large loads so nothing fell off onto the roads.

As part of thanking everyone involved with the recovery efforts, thanks to our Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers for helping make sure the cleanup is done safely and properly!

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