Roadcheck curbs unsafe commercial vehicles

Semi, tractor-trailer, big rig, 18-wheeler – commercial vehicles go by many names, and these giants of the highway are a common sight in Alberta. Some people may find sharing the road with commercial vehicles a little intimidating, but specialized enforcement officers are on the job 24 hours a day to help ensure they are safe for the road.

In addition to patrolling highways, these officers work at vehicle inspection stations across the province. In fact, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers are in the middle of Roadcheck, an annual 72-hour inspection blitz aimed at keeping the province’s highways safe. During these inspections, officers check to make sure the vehicles are in safe working condition, and they also educate truckers about safe driving practices, cargo securement and vehicle maintenance.

Officers check everything from brakes and exhaust systems to headlights and turn signals. They also look at whether loads are properly secured, and whether drivers have been on the road too long to be able to continue to drive safely. When a vehicle or driver fails an inspection, they are taken off the road until the problem is solved, and the carrier may also be fined.

The three-day inspection marathon, spanning June 4 to 6, is happening at inspection stations in Leduc, Dunmore and Demmitt, and motorcoach checks are being conducted in Calgary and at the Columbia Icefield. Enforcement officers are focused on commercial vehicle safety for the month of June as part of the Traffic Safety Plan enforcement calendar. Ultimately, these inspections help save lives by reducing collisions and other accidents, and in turn, they help ensure the supplies, resources and goods transported on our highways make it to their destinations.

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