Report A Poacher program helps officers catch fish and wildife criminals

Want to know how you can help protect our province’s fish and wildlife? Every year, members of the public help Fish and Wildlife officers catch poachers and others who take advantage of our natural resources by phoning the Report A Poacher line.

If you see a fish or wildlife crime or have a tip, phone 1-800-642-3800. If the information you provide leads to an arrest, you may qualify for a reward. All of your information is kept strictly confidential, and callers can even remain anonymous and still qualify for a reward.

Here’s an example of how Report A Poacher is a big help to Fish and Wildlife officers, and bad news for poachers…

On January 9, 2013, a Calgary bird game outfitter pled guilty to abandoning game birds and failing to tag the birds shot by his clients. Andrew Dath received a total of $8,050 in fines and a five-year recreational hunting suspension. All the seized game birds were forfeited to the Crown.

A Calgary outfitter pled guilty to abandoning 35 Canada geese northeast of Brooks.

A Calgary outfitter pled guilty to abandoning 35 Canada geese northeast of Brooks.

Fish and Wildlife officers began investigating after hearing through the Report A Poacher line that a large number of game birds had been abandoned northeast of Brooks, Alberta. Officers found 35 geese discarded along a field’s edge, and further investigation revealed Dath had been hunting in the area with some clients the previous day.

Guides and outfitters are responsible for ensuring their clients are properly licensed and hunting in accordance with the Wildlife Act and Regulation; Dath was the sole person responsible for abandoning the game birds. Additionally, while Dath did not abandon all of the birds that had been shot, the ones that were kept were not properly tagged.

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