Enforcement officers moving to Solicitor General and Public Security

A Fish and Wildlife Officer in the field

A Fish and Wildlife Officer in the field

Whether the law is being broken with a car, a fishing rod or an 18-wheeler, the officer who catches the offender now likely works for Alberta’s Solicitor General and Public Security department.

As of March 2012, Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife Officers and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers join peace officer and other law enforcement officials as part of Solicitor General and Public Security.

Fish and Wildlife Officers used to be a part of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. They are responsible for educating Albertans on fish and wildlife conservation, and they enforce legislation protecting these resources. They also help to ensure wild animals don’t threaten Albertans or their property.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, they came over from Alberta Transportation, and their work is all about making sure commercial motorists comply with National Safety Code requirements and Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance standards. To that end, they patrol our province’s motorways and operate vehicle inspection stations and weigh scales.

Consolidating enforcement functions in one ministry puts similar roles under one roof and provides opportunities for enforcement efficiencies to further ensure Alberta’s communities are safe and secure.

Since the transfer was first announced last fall, a great deal of work has been done to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible. Albertans and stakeholders should see no change in the high quality of service they currently receive from all Alberta government enforcement officers.

A Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station

A Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station

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